• Jim Hazelwood

    Contributing sermons since Oct 27, 2006
Jim's church

Fulton Springs Baptist Church
Fultondale, Alabama 35068

About Jim
  • Education: currently completing BA in Religion from Liberty University
  • Experience: Youth Pastor 1990-1995 Senior Pastor 1995-Present
  • Sermon or series that made a difference: "If Christ Be Not Risen" by E.V. Hill (1990)
  • One of my favorite illustrations: A man was at the beach and there was a big storm one night. The next morning he was out early jogging on the beach and there were literally hundreds of little crabs stranded on the beach from the storm surge the night before. They were dying because they couldn’t get back into the water. They were tired and stuck down in the sand, etc. As he jogged he saw a little boy. The little boy was crying. He was picking up the little crabs one and a time and throwing it as far as he could into the water. The man stopped and watched the boy for a minute and then approached him and told him "Son, there are way too many of these for you to throw all of them back. You might as well quit, there are so many that what you’re doing won’t matter!" The little boy, with tears in his eyes and a crab in his had stops and looks at the man, holds up the crab in his hand and says "It matters to this one!" Then without another word he throws the one he’s holding as far as he can into the water. You may never win the whole world to Jesus, and the amount of lost people going to Hell is staggering, but each one you win matters and if to no one else, it matters the that person.
  • Family: Wife: Michelle Son: Elijah Gray (born 10/06)
  • Best advice given to me about preaching: Preach on a 5th grade level so most everyone can understand. Walk into the pulpit humble and broken so you can walk out peaceful.
  • Books that have had an impact: "God Came Near" by Max Lucado "The Glorious Journey" by Charles Stanley "Real Evangelism" by Bailey Smith Any commentary by John Phillips
  • Hobbies: Fishing, Softball, Xbox
  • If I could Preach one more time, I would say...: Ask Jesus into your heart today. He’s the ONLY way to Heaven and the only alternative to Him is eternity in Hell.
  • Something funny that happened while preaching: I made a comment on a teen boy’s pants that he had worn to church that day. I always called them his "funky" britches. When I mentioned it from the pulpit I said "Yeah, and I see that Shane wore his f_ _ _ _ britches today!" Needless to say, I didn’t say "funky."
  • What I want on my tombstone: Loved Jesus, loved family, loved people. Come see me in Heaven!
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  • Jesus Wept, Again

    Contributed on Oct 27, 2006
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    Palm Sunday Message of the second recorded time Jesus wept.

    Palm Sunday “Jesus Wept, Again” Luke 19:29-38 Introduction I. The Way Of Jesus (v. Lk 29-38) II. The Wonder Of Jesus (v. Jn 12-16) III. The Weeping Of Jesus (v. Lk 39-43) I. Jesus’ Means Of Transportation (v. Lk 29-38) A. The Lord Sends For Him (v.29-31) B. The more