• John Bright

    Contributing sermons since Nov 20, 2019
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Laurel Hill Church
Henrico, Virginia 23231

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  • Empowered To Serve

    Contributed on Nov 9, 2023

    In every war there are stories of courage, bravery, and acts of heroism that go beyond all human limitations. Do you know the name Desmond Doss? He was a soldier in WW2 that came from Lynchburg, Virginia. Because of his faith tradition that prevented him from carrying a weapon, he enlisted as a more

  • Less Important Than We Think

    Contributed on Jun 22, 2023

    In his book, “Being with God,” Pastor AJ Sherrill addresses how the practices of contemplative prayer help the Believer see what’s going on inside: we are so caught up in our inner dramas that we lack the clarity to know what to pray for. Surrendering to the indwelling Holy Spirit (Romans 8:26-27) more

  • Fathers Make A Difference

    Contributed on Jun 15, 2023

    According to the 2022 U.S. Census Bureau, 18.4 million children, 1 in 4, live without a biological, step, or adoptive father in the home. That’s enough children to fill New York City twice or Los Angeles four times over. Research shows that a father's absence affects children in numerous more

  • Hope Ain't Hoping

    Contributed on May 27, 2023

    I want to give you a shorthand way of remembering the difference between the hope in our Bibles and the hope out in the world. Hope ain’t hoping. Today, folks plan outside events and say, “I sure hope it doesn’t rain.” Every Sunday, some folks may show up here and say, “I sure hope PJ doesn’t more

  • Formula For Going To Heaven

    Contributed on May 27, 2023

    That’s right – heaven or hell is the final destination for every human being. I want to crystal clear about this! All humans have been born into a state of Sin (with a big S). We commit sin (with a little s) because we are Sinners – not vice versa. At the instant of salvation, our Sin nature is more