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  • Education: B.Sc., M.A., Dip.MIn.
  • Experience: 42 years of pastoral ministry
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  • The Real Miracle Of Pentecost

    Contributed on May 24, 2021

    A focus on what happened after the events in the Upper Room

    I wonder how many people had their TV sets switched on yesterday morning at 5 o’clock. That’s when the CBC coverage of the royal wedding began and for the next five hours I can only imagine that millions of viewers were glued to their screens, trying to catch a glimpse of this or that celebrity more

  • "The Wind Blows Where It Wills”

    Contributed on May 24, 2021

    The wind that blew through the upper room at Pentecost still blows today

    It’s probably been a long time since you were in a room with a hundred and twenty people. But I want you to do your best to imagine it anyway. You might even need to close your eyes for a moment—as long as you promise not to fall asleep! The scene I want you to form in your minds is, of course, more

  • Lost And Found

    Contributed on Mar 21, 2021

    A look at the three figures in one of Jesus’ most famous parables

    One of my greatest delights in the church where I last served in Minnesota was to be part of a group of men who met faithfully every Wednesday morning for prayer, followed each week by coffee and conversation. Both the prayer and the conversation could be pretty free ranging at times. But I have to more

  • They Wanted To See

    Contributed on Mar 21, 2021
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    Bartimaeus and Zacchaeus both wanted to see…

    During my years in active pastoral ministry a large proportion of my reading was taken up with biblical, pastoral and theological works. So, one of the goals that I set for myself in retirement was to read more fiction. I have to admit that thus far I haven’t managed to live up to that resolution more

  • Here Is Your Son…

    Contributed on Mar 26, 2017

    Reflections on Jesus’ words to Mary and John from the cross

    At the cross her station keeping, Stood the mournful mother weeping, Close to Jesus to the last. Through her heart, his sorrow sharing, All his bitter anguish hearing, Now at length the sword had pass’d. Oh, how sad and sore distress’d Was that mother, highly blest Of the more