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    Contributing sermons since Nov 6, 2019
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  • A Thanksgiving Meal—in The Springtime!

    Contributed on Nov 22, 2022

    Barley harvest--springtime--may not be the time when people think about Thanksgiving Day meals. During Elisha's day, a pair of miracles made a small meal into a real feast!

    (Full disclosure: Sermon Central has accepted two of my different illustrations based on this text. This message is not merely a combination of those illustrations.) Introduction: What do you think of when you’re pondering a Thanksgiving Day meal? For many years, it’s a more or less American more

  • A Veteran’s Day/Thanksgiving Day Message

    Contributed on Nov 18, 2022

    There's only a couple of weeks between Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving Day. This message is an attempt to combine features of each holiday.

    (Note: Based on and edited from a message preached November 13, 2022 at First Baptist Church, Chamois, MO. This is not an exact transcription.) Introduction: Veteran’s Day was originally called Armistice Day in honor of the Armistice ending the First World War. This Armistice took place on “the more

  • Gideon: When The Lord Gave Him The Promised Victory

    Contributed on Nov 9, 2022

    Military strategists would have laughed out loud if they had heard God's strategy for defeating the enemies of Israel during Gideon's day. Gideon,though, followed these instructions to the letter and God gave Israel a great victory!

    Introduction: Some of the military’s greatest strategists mentioned never going into action against the enemy unless you have two or three times more of everything than they do. Gideon had blown the trumpet, basically the same thing as declaring war against Israel’s enemies, and many of the local more

  • Gideon: The Two Tests He Had To Pass

    Contributed on Nov 5, 2022

    Gideon had met the Angel of the LORD face to face, one day, and that night, received a message from the LORD. That message contained instructions for two of the most difficult things Gideon would ever be asked to do.

    (Note: this message is based on and edited from a sermon preached at First Baptist Church of Chamois, MO on 10-16-2022 but is not an exact transcription.) Introduction: Gideon had just realized he saw the Angel of the LORD and was probably trying to take it all in. He was one of only a few people more

  • Gideon: An Unlikely Hero

    Contributed on Nov 2, 2022

    Gideon didn't have much going for him but he had faith in the LORD. That was enough and God used him in a mighty way--after this first encounter, that is.

    (Note: This message is edited from a sermon preached at First Baptist Church, Chamois, MO on October 9. 2022 and is not an exact transcription.) Introduction: Gideon is mentioned here in Judges and he’s also one of those in the “Hebrews Hall of Fame” in Hebrews 11. I have to confess, the first more

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