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Joseph Collins

Contributor since: Mar 3, 2012
Denomination: Baptist

Joseph's church

Freedom Home Baptist Church

Austin Texas , 78723

About Joseph Collins

Comment to those looking at my sermons: As a minister and social worker, there are many times that I encounter broken people who have made a lot of mistakes in life. My understanding of the scripture leads me to believe that we can look at people through a lens of GRACE, or a lens of LEGALISM. When we remind ourselves, "but by the grace of God there go I" we please God. When we say, "Lord, I'm glad I'm not like . . ." we discard the very blood that was necessary to save us. Nothing short of someone's else's salvation is at stake!

Books that have had an impact: In 2012, I published "HIV Ministry Transitions: Steps To Develop An HIV-Compassionate Church". This scripturally-based discussion guide is designed to lead pastors and congregation members through an inspired workshop on HIV ministry. It includes HIV Basics, why certain people are more "at risk" for contracting the disease and myths to be discarded. It also delves into religious-based stigma, applicable scriptures and how to start and effective HIV ministry. Available at www.lulu.com