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  • The Day Jesus Stopped The Parade

    Contributed on Feb 28, 2012

    Personal Encounter with Jesus

    RANSOM TEXT: I Tim. 2:4-6 INTRODUCTION: 1. Paul introduces his first epistle to Timothy by stating his election as an apostle of Jesus Christ “which is our hope” (I Tim. 1:1). A. Paul uses this word (elpis) at least 37 times in his writings. B. Perschbacher, in his THE NEW more

  • The Christian Life

    Contributed on Oct 23, 2011
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    The Christian Life

    THE LIFE OF A CHRISTIAN Col. 2:6-7 INTRODUCTION: 1. The life of a Christian is the greatest in this world. 2. “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it's been found difficult and not tried.” (G.K. Chesterton, quoted in Swindoll, Hand Me Another Brick, Thomas more

  • The Sword

    Contributed on Oct 23, 2011
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    How to use the word of God

    THE SWORD Eph. 6:17 INTRODUCTION: 1. Quotes about the Bible: a. Victor Hugo, French writer, 1802-1885 “England has two books; the Bible and Shakespeare. England made Shakespeare, but the Bible made England.” b. Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States, more

  • Letters To The Churches

    Contributed on Nov 20, 2010

    Letters to the Churches

    Letters to the Churches Revelation Two Introduction: 1. Letters to the Churches a. The Lord is making certain command on these first century churches. b. Christ is the head of these churches c. Each Church was to read what was said to the others 2. Spiritual threats to the more

  • The Revelation Of Jesus Christ

    Contributed on Nov 20, 2010
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    The Revelation of Jesus Christ

    The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 1 Introduction: Nature never taught me that there exists a God of glory and of infinite majesty. I had to learn that in other ways. But nature gave the word glory a meaning for me. C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves. 1.The source of the more

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