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Kristopher Morris

Contributor since: Sep 17, 2003
Denomination: Lutheran

Kristopher's church

Faith Lutheran Church LCMS

Collierville Tennessee , 38017

About Kristopher Morris

Education: BA in Communication from Concordia University (Austin, TX)in ’99 M.Div from Concordia Seminary (St Louis, MO) in ’05

Comment to those looking at my sermons: Please use whatever good you can come across in my humble ramblings. And remember the hardest task in preaching is to get the people to see beyond themselves. This takes a preacher who points people beyond themselves, to a cross and an empty tomb. This is the heart of the Christian Gospel. Self-help, motivational speeches do not save souls. On the other hand, God’s Word is always living and active and accomplishing His Will (Heb 4:12, Isa 55:11).

Sermon or series that made a difference: Every sermon that stays true to God’s Word, rightly distinguishes the difference between Law and Gospel, and points me to the free salvation found in Jesus Christ alone, makes a difference.

Family: I married my best friend, a wonderful child of God named Sheri, in July 2003. We are expecting our first child on or around Feb. 16, 2007.

What my parents think of my sermons: They listen, sometimes.

What my spouse (really) thinks of my sermons: I can do no wrong. Until I mess up ;)

Best advice given to me about preaching: An old Pastor once told me, "Jesus told Peter to feed His sheep. Not His giraffes. Keep it simple"

Books that have had an impact: "Gospel Handles" by Rossow "Just Words" by Preus "Handling the Word of Truth" by Pless

Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, and all kinds of sports (coaching and playing).

If I could Preach one more time, I would say...: There is only one thing needful, faith in the one who saved you, God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

What I want on my tombstone: John 11:25-26