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  • Education: As a former "rocket scientist" who worked on the Apollo missions I never would have imagined that someday we would be launching such a venture with such far reaching potential! But before I get ahead of myself let me rewind a bit – 45+ years... After college and several degrees, I decided that computer programming was cool so I began with NASA during the Apollo moon landing days. From there I moved to other industries designing and developing big complex software engineering and scientific systems. After a few more years I transitioned to sales and marketing of software systems and services where I spent the majority of my career. Why? Because frankly, people were more interesting than computers.
  • Experience: Along the way of life, I returned to my first love – the Lord – and began serving the local church in many areas over the years. My career progressed from company to company and somewhere along the way I ended up devoting full time effort to volunteer ministry for several years. It was just an interlude, however, and then I ended up back in my hi-tech field for the next 25 years ... until the day in June 2016 when I got the “Dear John” email stating that I was being terminated... I know most of you are not yet 69 but can you imagine how that feels knowing you may not get another opportunity at this stage...? Here’s where “serendipity” & “defining moment” – terms we hear but seldom experience – began to kick in for me. “Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” The same day the above happened I called my pastor to let him know. The thing he suggested, though had “nothing” to do with what was on my mind (what to do now?). He said “Look, we are all busy for the next 3 days on a church leadership training being live streamed. Why don’t you come on over?” I did. Why, I don’t know. (well, now I do:)) Thank you Larry Morris for inviting me! The live stream training 3 day event was by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church (the same Rick Warren who wrote The Purpose-Driven Life). During these days, the Lord revived my heart for “making a real difference” and I became more concerned about a “calling” – what is your purpose – than the next job or career endeavor. At the end of those 3 days I was committed to pursuing my calling. But what? I knew that it wasn’t in hi tech any more – at least directly. Thank you Rick Warren for your wisdom and encouragement to do a scary thing (especially at age 69) and step out in faith not knowing where you are going. “Defining Moment: an event that typifies or determines all subsequent related occurrences.” But what “calling”? A few days later a longtime friend and mentor Gary Selman, after a long look down memory lane, said basically – “you have a job already – it’s your calling – the thing that is in your heart to do.” (I had shared with him that, when I left the ministry endeavor 25 years ago, “it broke my heart”.) I immediately knew as soon as he said this that he was right! Now I had to make a decision. I knew I had been being “prepared” for this all my life in too many ways to even explain here. But the past failure was a big hurdle to overcome. If it failed, then why try now? Thank you Gary Selman for speaking truth into my life! This is where a “defining moment” will take us. It brings us to a point of no return. I was there. I think we only get a few of these moments in life... It sets the course going forward and you cannot go back. It helps define who you are as a person -what is in your heart; and, how will you then live? I knew I had to step into this calling – so like everything else in my life I did so -full speed ahead! Oh, and my wife Dianna has a similar amazing story; and today we are pursuing our “late in life” mutual calling together! I could tell you what has happened in the last 9 months since – maybe another time. But it is good! I have never been happier and more fulfilled knowing I am fulfilling my purpose and helping others along the way. The new venture is off to a great start! An article about our second career focus recently appeared in Outreach Magazine. Next month Charisma Media’s Ministry Today will publish their recent interview with us. By the way if you are interested in what we are doing you can visit I hope you find your calling too. Watch for those moments of serendipity and those defining moments of life! PS. Thanks to my former boss and friend Adeel Zaidi for encouraging me to get the ministry book published before there was even a thought of going down this road!
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