• Lyn King

    Contributing sermons since Jun 15, 2002
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First Baptist Church of Turner
Kansas City, Kansas 66106

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  • The Blessed Hope Of Believers

    Contributed on Nov 15, 2003
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    As Christians we have a blessed hope, that Jesus is coming agian.

    The Blessed Hope of Believers Titus 2:11-14 and many more. How does one become ready for the Lord’s return? It is clear that the Bible indicates that we will not know the time of Jesus’ return. It is also just as clear that we are to be ready for His coming. His returning will be similar to our more

  • A Living Testimony

    Contributed on Jun 15, 2002
    based on 17 ratings

    This sermon was preached as a father’s day sermon. Jairus risk his all for his daughter’s wholeness.

    "A Living Testimony" Mark 5:21-43 Jairus a first century man whose name means "whom God enlightens." There are many fatherly examples contained within the pages of our Bibles. Men like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Philip. Some of their examples of fatherliness teach us what not to do in more

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  • Daddy Hands

    Contributed on Jun 15, 2002
    based on 12 ratings

    Daddy Hands Susan Fabncke I awoke in the night to find my husband, Marty, gently rocking our baby son, Noah. I stood for a moment in the doorway, watching this amazing man with whom I was so blessed to share my life, lovingly stroke Noah’s fat pink cheeks in an effort to comfort him. I felt in more

  • What Kids Need

    Contributed on Jun 15, 2002
    based on 13 ratings

    WHAT KIDS NEED Today’s kids desperately need Dads who: . . . play catch, enjoy tea parties or wrestle because the heart of a child is there and they set out to capture it. . . . laugh till their belly hurts and tears fall from their eyes while secretly creating deep friendships and memories more