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Mark Armstrong

Contributor since: Apr 23, 2009
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed

About Mark Armstrong

Education: I hold the following tertiary qualifications: Assoc. Dip. Divinity and Mission (credit), Bachelor of Engineering (UNSW), Licientate in Theology (hons), Bachelor of Theology (hons), Master of Theology (Moore Theological College)

Comment to those looking at my sermons: I don’t mind emailing powerpoint slides (sometimes referred to in a sermon) upon request.

Sermon or series that made a difference: In 1987 a sermon series on Leviticus which I heard at a convention. This really opened up the OT scriptures for me.

Family: I am 56 years old and married with three teenage boys.

Best advice given to me about preaching: Don’t be boring! Stick to the text and work hard at application.

Hobbies: I love football (with the round ball), tennis and playing around on my home computer.

Something funny that happened while preaching: I was preaching in a community hall the morning after a party. Whilst speaking, a balloon made its way down from the ceiling and stopped right in front of my nose.

What I want on my tombstone: Gone to another meeting.