• Miles Anderson

    Contributing sermons since Dec 22, 2002
Miles's church

Wausau First Baptist Church
Wausau, Florida 32463

About Miles
  • Education: I am currently in persuit of a 4 year degeree in Social Work. I am a duel major in criminology and Social Work.
  • Family: My wife Marsha and I are the proud parents of Wendy, Criag and Tim and our son-in-law, David. We are blessed with 3 beautiful grandchildren, Kaley, Kacey, and Kalub. We are the owners of two companions of the canine species, Mert and Ebenezer. Marsha hails from Chipley, Fl. being born in Pensacola, Fl. She has one sister and brother-in-law. I hail from Michigan, being born in Houghton, MI. Raised in Marshall, MI, I went to high school in Coral Springs, FL. Moved to Chipley from there. I have 7 brothers and sisters along with 4 brother-in-laws, 1 sister-in-law and 8 nieces and nephews.
  • Best advice given to me about preaching: My Pastor told me, "Be prepared, God honors your commitment to prepare to preach His word." I haven’t always prepared as I should hacve and it showed.
  • Hobbies: Marsha and I love to camp in the mountains and fish.
  • Something funny that happened while preaching: I was preparing to preach my first Funeral. As I was on my way to the Church I looked over at Marsha and said "As long as I stay humble and remember that Jesus is the only way I will get through this, I’ll be allright." As I was standing in the pulpit just prior to the funeral starting I bent over to get some matches to light some candles and that’s when it happend, a rush of cool wind on my back side, My pants had busted at the seam. Needless to say, I went the whole service, humble and trusting Jesus. No one knew but my wife, the piano player, her husband, me, and of course, Jesus.
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  • Christ's Perspective On Fear

    Contributed on Apr 6, 2003
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    What should we think of fear? Lets look to Jesus for the answer.

    #MATTHEW 10 SERIES #3/ CHRIST’S PERSPECTIVE ON FEAR Introduction: Last week we spoke on the mixed messages that can bombard us, and I believe every one else can be receiving mixed messages. Mixed messages are a problem and in the life of the disciple it can be a scary world as Satan sends us more

  • Views On Life

    Contributed on Jan 25, 2003
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    When there are so many views on life, why not look at the illustration that Jesus used?

    VIEWS ON LIFE/ADAPTED FROM AN OUTLINE BY BRO. RON BLANKENSHIP Introduction: There is one daunting question asked by men and woman, boys and girls alike. It is a question that has been asked throughout time and continues to be asked. What is my purpose in life. What is the meaning of all there is more

  • Seasonal Simplicities

    Contributed on Dec 22, 2002
    based on 6 ratings

    Christams is a time of putting together the gifts we get so lets look at putting together the greatest gift we’ve ever recieved.

    SEASONAL SIMPLICITIES Introduction: I went to buy a stereo the other day and found myself looking at a contraption that I really didn’t understand. All over this country this Wednesday morning there will be fathers and grandfathers getting overly frustrated trying to put together new toys. more

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