• Nnaemeka Durueke

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  • Knowing The Will Of God And Hearing From God

    Contributed on Feb 20, 2018

    As we hear from God, we also need spiritual counsel and confirmations from our spiritual authorities and leaders.

    Knowing the will of God and hearing from God TEXT: John 10:1-5 To live a victorious and successful Christian life, it is important to know the will of God and hear from God daily. God is our Shepherd- Psalm 23, John 10:11. As our good Shepherd, he is leading us but if there is communication more

  • Fulfilling Destiny According To God's Plan And Purpose 2

    Contributed on Feb 14, 2018

    For every Divine plan, there is Divine purpose.

    FULFILLING DESTINY ACCORDING TO GOD'S PLAN AND PURPOSE 2 TEXT: ISAIAH 55:10-11, ISAIAH 14:26-27, 3 JOHN 2 As we pursue to fulfill our destinies this year, let us bear in mind that we must consider God and His plan for us. God is eternal and so is His plan. The plan was established in eternity more

  • Fulfilling Destiny According To God's Plan And Purpose 1

    Contributed on Feb 7, 2018

    Your destiny fulfilment is the interest of God

    FULFILLING DESTINY ACCORDING TO GOD'S PLAN AND PURPOSE 1 TEXT: ISAIAH 54:3 The prophecy for the year which talks about destiny fulfillment is not a license to walk away from divine plan and guidance. To be satisfied this year, we must follow God and apply divine principles for a glorious more

  • Destiny Fulfilment

    Contributed on Jan 9, 2018

    Destiny fulfilment is sure for Christians who work with the will of God because when you follow God, you will end in honour and glory.

    THEME: DESTINY FULFILMENT LESSON 1: INTRODUCTION TEXT: ISAIAH 60:11 Our success in life is tied to the fulfilment of our divine destiny. Destiny could mean the things that will happen in the future or the force that controls what happens in the future and is outside human control. We should more

  • Engaging In Evangelical Works

    Contributed on Dec 1, 2017

    Engaging and sponsoring evangelism brings numerous blessings to us that devil cannot tamper with them. We should get involved in soul winning today

    THEME- POPULATING GOD’S KINGDOM TOPIC- ENGAGING IN EVANGELICAL WORKS TEXT- ROMANS 1:16, 1 COR 9:16 INTRODUCTION To win a soul is to catch that soul for the Lord; to see him added to the Lord, not merely to the local church attendance. Every soul is won by the Lord Himself but He uses and is more