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Mount Nasura Free Reformed Church
Mount Nasura, Western Australia

About Reuben
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts (McMaster University); Master of Divinity (Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary); Master of Theology (St Stephen's College); PhD (St Mary's University, Twickenham)
  • Experience: I have enjoyed the privilege of pastoring various churches in Canada and Australia for more than fifteen years. Presently I am the pastor of the Free Reformed Church of Mount Nasura, located near Perth, Western Australia.
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  • What Is Salvation Like?

    Contributed on Jun 12, 2022

    For our hearts, God can be the only true joy. When sin reigns in our hearts, when we have shut our ears to God's voice, we will never find happiness. But where sin is repented from, where God is healing us from the inside out, and we are walking with him, there is great joy.

    Today we celebrate salvation! God has saved us from our sins, not because of anything we have done, but purely out of his grace and mercy in Christ. Sins forgiven, hearts renewed, glory promised—this is the gift of his love. If someone asked you, what would you say that salvation is like? To what more

  • God's Spirit Is Poured Onto A Wilderness

    Contributed on Jun 5, 2022

    The Spirit is poured out from on high, “and the wilderness becomes a fruitful field.” It’s like the change from a dry desert into garden land. When God sends his Spirit, He begins to produce good fruits. That’s the sure effect of his work: a harvest for God.

    If you looked back on the thirty-two chapters of Isaiah before our text, what would stand out about the people of God? How could we describe the nation of Judah in this book, and what they’ve shown themselves to be like? It’s not a flattering picture. Back in the very first chapter, the very first more

  • Where Do You Put Your Trust?

    Contributed on May 29, 2022

    Keep yourself from idols because all of them will come to nothing. Don’t trust in something that’s going to fail you in the end. Remember that you have a better refuge, a kingdom that cannot be shaken. The LORD God alone is the shade in whom we may dwell, in whom we may put our trust.

    Where do you put your trust? Without any exaggeration at all, that’s the most important question of our life: Who to trust? What do you seek for the security, confidence, the peace and rest that you need? And this is the only right answer: ‘I trust in God. I wait on him. My faith is in the Lord more

  • A Welcome Change In Government

    Contributed on May 26, 2022

    Christ is Lord even over those who seem to have all the influence today. They’re not running things, He is. They’re not shaping history, He is. None can override him, for Christ holds the keys. He will be forever secure on his throne!

    A change in government is always a big deal: there are new cabinet members to choose, new policies to begin implementing, new office spaces to move into. The old is quickly shuffled to one side, and the new is put into the spotlight. In our text today, we see something similar. Isaiah 22 describes more

  • What Is Your Song?

    Contributed on May 15, 2022

    Everyone’s heart has a song. There’s something that brings joy to every person. Take a moment to listen, to reflect. If your heart has a song, a regular anthem and refrain, what would it be? Where do you find your pleasure and purpose? Make the Lord your song and your delight.

    What is the song that we sing? Some people are often humming a tune, singing along with whatever playlist is on their earbuds. So what songs do we sing, or choose to listen to? And ‘our song’ is really a question about our joy. It’s not just about the artists and albums we choose (important more

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