• Ron Baker

    Contributing sermons since Dec 14, 2006
Ron's church

West Union Church of Christ
West Union, Ohio 45693

About Ron
  • Education: Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies/Leadership and Ministry from the Cincinnati Christian University
  • Experience: I am serving in my first ministry here at West Union and I have been here for four years.
  • Comment to those looking at my sermons: I am trying to communicate they best way I know how, and you can easily see that I am a work in progress.
  • Sermon or series that made a difference: Voting like a Christian
  • One of my favorite illustrations: Round John Virgin
  • Family: I am married,and I have two adult children, and one still at home in elementary school.
  • What my parents think of my sermons: They think I’m improving.
  • What my spouse (really) thinks of my sermons: Her friends tell her that my sermons make a difference in thier everyday life.
  • Best advice given to me about preaching: "Be Yourself" and "preach it like you believe in what you’re preaching about"
  • Books that have had an impact: Purpose Driven Life - Warren Purpose Driven Church - Warren The 21 Irrifutable Laws of Leadership - Maxwell Why Men Hate Going to Church - Murrow How to Win Friends and Influence People - Carnegie Living Proof - Petersen
  • Hobbies: I enjoy time with my kids bass fishing and bowhunting for deer. My vacation itinerary should include sport fishing.
  • If I could Preach one more time, I would say...: Make a greater effort to lead someone to Christ by the way that you live your life everyday. Let people see the real you by allowing your life to be the greatest testimony of your faith.
  • Something funny that happened while preaching: I was trying to be transparent and relate to the audience and my wife spoke up during my sermon and said, "Boy, that’s the truth!"
  • What I want on my tombstone: You could tell that He loved the Lord!
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  • Bibles Like Cell Phones

    Contributed on Jul 10, 2012
    based on 6 ratings

    We need to know our Bibles and use them like we do our cell phones.

    Bibles like Cell Phones Text: Romans 15:4 Date: July 8, 2012 West Union Christian Church of Christ “Leading People to Life’s True Purpose and Joy in Christ” INTRODUCTION We live in a culture that is very biblically illiterate. There is a lack of spiritual more

  • Revererent Scout

    Contributed on Feb 8, 2012
    based on 1 rating

    This is a sermon explaining reverence, which is one of the twelve points of the Boy Scout Law.

    A Scout is Reverent Text: Hebrews 5:7-9 Date: February 5, 2012 Scout Sunday Pastor Ron Baker, West Union Christian Church of Christ “Leading People to Life’s True Purpose and Joy in Christ” INTRODUCTION This is Scout Sunday, and I am so glad to have our scouts here more

  • Thankful People Express Thier Gratitude

    Contributed on Nov 22, 2011
    based on 4 ratings

    We all come to the Lord unclean and in need of His cleasing.

    Thankful People Express their Gratitude to God Text: Luke 17:11-19 Date: November 20, 2011 Pastor Ron Baker, West Union Christian Church of Christ “Leading People to Life’s True Purpose and Joy in Christ” INTRODUCTION ”It is the duty of all Nations more

  • Determined To Save

    Contributed on Mar 30, 2010
    based on 4 ratings

    Christ was determined to save us from our sins when He entered Jerusalem

    Christ was Determined to Save Us - Palm Sunday Text: Luke 19:28-Luke 23:56 Date: March 28, 2010 Ron Baker, West Union Church of Christ Leading People to Life’s True Purpose & Joy in Christ! INTRODUCTION Welcome to our Friend’s Day 2010! I love it when we can have our friends more

  • Divine Directions

    Contributed on Dec 14, 2006
    based on 29 ratings

    This sermon should motivate people to see that God was directing the events at the incarnation and He has given us directions as well.

    Divine Directions (4 of 4 in the series “Jesus our Messiah” – Matthew 1-2) Text: Matthew 2:12-23 - Date: December 17, 2006 INTRODUCTION We see here in this narrative section of Scripture that there was a lot of Divine Directions taking place. God seemed to be directing all these more

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