• Russell (Rusty) Pruitt

    Contributing sermons since Jan 9, 2016
Russell (Rusty)'s church

Heselton Baptist
Vanceburg, Kentucky 41179

About Russell (Rusty)
  • Education: Bachelor's of Social Science; Bachelor's of Individual Studies with a concentration in long-term care
  • Experience: Musician (drummer) for 56 years and played professionally for 15 years; Social Worker last 28 years; evangelized full-time for 3 years in 5-state area; Carolyn and I started one church and then turned it over to another minister. I have pastored smaller, rural churches, and currently pastor Heselton Baptist, Vanceburg, KY for last 8 years. I am also a songwriter and have had 10 songs recorded by gospel artists and groups.
  • Sermon or series that made a difference: The Doctrine of the Bible;The Origin and Nature of Man; The Origin and Nature of Man; The Study of God
  • Family: Carolyn and I were married the first time to each other for 6 1/2 years, divorced from each other for five years, and married this time for 38 years! We have two adult children: David and Lisa, both of whom are happily married. We have one grandchild, Jenny, who lives in El Paso, TX. Of course we can't forget our dog Toby!
  • Best advice given to me about preaching: The three most important things for success in preaching are: prayer, prayer and prayer.
  • Books that have had an impact: Knowing God, by J. I. Packer; The Sovereignty of God by A.W. Pink; The Attributes of God by A. W. Pink; Shall Never Perish by J.F. Strombeck; The New Testament Documents by F. F. Bruce; Tunesmith by Jimmy Webb; Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala; Biographies of all the Founding Fathers; a biography of Matthew Carey; By His Grace and For His Glory by Tom Nettles;
  • Hobbies: Songwriting, reading
  • What I want on my tombstone: Rusty Pruit, saved by grace
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  • The Benefits Of The Word Of God

    Contributed on Mar 1, 2021

    It is such a blessing to rejoice with the knowledge that the Lord has not forgotten us. What a joy to have the priceless understanding that our God is real, that He cares for us, is concerned for our welfare and will encourage us by speaking to us through His precious Word.

    THE BENEFITS OF THE WORD OF GOD TEXT: PSALM 19:7-11 INTRODUCTION: It is such a blessing to be reading the Word of God, and have the Spirit apply it to our soul, as the tears of joy and thankfulness flow, and our hearts rejoice with the knowledge that the Lord has not forgotten us. What a joy to more

  • The Devil In The "isms"

    Contributed on Oct 10, 2020

    If we are to be successful as Christians, and as a local church, we must educate ourselves about satan’s evil purposes. I want to talk about satan’s influence in and through the “isms” of the world.

    The devil in the “Isms” TEXT: 2 COR. 2:5-11 (from the ESV) INTRODUCTION: I want to focus on: “We are not ignorant of his designs,” (KJV devices) where Paul is referring to satan’s designs. Designs is from the Greek word: “no'-a-mä” (nigh’ e ma) and means “a purpose, and specifically, an more

  • Our Memorials

    Contributed on Jul 17, 2020

    Jacob made a vow that if God would bring him back home safely, that the stone which he set up as a pillar, and its place would be called God's house. By setting up this stone Jacob erected a monument to memorialize this significant event in his life.

    OUR MEMORIALS TEXT: GENESIS 28:16-22 INTRODUCTION: The background for this scripture is that Jacob had stolen his brother Esau’s blessing, and for fear of Esau, he fled to the land of Padanaram. He stopped for the night and went to sleep and had a dream where God revealed His glory to him. God more

  • Praising God In Bad Times

    Contributed on Jun 7, 2020

    In II Chronicles 20, we read about King Jehoshaphat of Judah. The Moabites, long-time enemies of Judah, had formed a powerful alliance with the Ammonites and other surrounding nations and marched against Jehoshaphat.

    The enemy forces were encamped at Ein Gedi. The king and his people were filled with alarm, so Jehoshaphat called a fast and began to seek the Lord as did all the people. In his prayer, Jehoshaphat talked about evil coming upon the nation, in the form of the sword, judgment, pestilence, or famine. more

  • Socialism: Incompatible With Freedom And Liberty

    Contributed on Jul 4, 2019

    A Fourth of July Message and a warning to America

    SOCIALISM: INCOMPATIBLE WITH FREEDOM AND LIBERTY TEXT: EPH. 6:12 INTRODUCTION: On this Sunday before the 4th of July 2019, we celebrate the 243rd year of our founding as a nation. America is called, “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” We’re the land where liberty reigns and people more

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