• Scott Turansky

    Contributing sermons since May 24, 2009
Scott's church

Calvary Chapel Mercer County
Lawrenceville, New Jersey 8648

About Scott
  • Education: Scott Turansky has two masters degrees from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary and his D. Min. from Fuller Theological Seminary.
  • Experience: Scott has been a pastor for over 40 years and also is the co-founder of the National Center for Biblical Parenting. You may visit that organization online at He teaches parenting seminars most weekends a year all over the country. He’s co-authored five books on parenting and has two video training programs used in churches.
  • Family: Scott is married to Carrie for over 30 years, and they have five children. Josh is married to Melinda and they have two boys. Josh is the founder of the Kauai Bible College. Melissa is married to Peter and they are headed back to the mission field in Africa where they met. Ben is in the Marines. Elizabeth works full time and lives at home. Her twin sister, Megan is a pet groomer and lives at home. Megan and Elizabeth are adopted, having come into the Turansky family before they were four years old.
  • Hobbies: Scott enjoys walking, gardening, pastoring, writing, reading, and traveling.
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  • God’s True Light

    Contributed on Nov 16, 2022

    Let the truth of the true light set you free. Living in lies, living in darkness is no way to live. In fact, it's not living at all. The freedom of the true light is the freedom from sin.

    I wonder if you have the same problem that I have. I'm not talking about falling asleep when you're supposed to take out the trash, but rather not being able to find a working flashlight when you need one. This is a common problem, you know. I have a tote in the garage, so right when I need more

  • Time To Check Your Halo

    Contributed on Oct 9, 2022

    When we have this attitude that says I'm better than you because I am right, that's when self-righteousness takes effect in our lives.

    The first thing I'd like to do today as we look at this passage is I'd like to talk to you about the footnote in your Bible. I hope you have a footnote. Look at it. Do you see the footnote in this passage that we're looking at today? The footnote says this: “These verses (which is John more

  • My Favorite Power Drink

    Contributed on Oct 9, 2022

    How we can have higher and deeper experience with Jesus?

    There are seven feasts listed in Leviticus that were given to the people of Israel. They really determined their calendar, their timeframe. They would be looking forward to the next feast. Each one of these feasts are important. In fact, if you look at all of the feasts, you'll see that as they more

  • This One Belief Changes Everything

    Contributed on Oct 9, 2022

    What it really means to be a disciple.

    The gospel of John does not contain any parables. What the gospel of John has in it is conversations and we learn from those conversations. There’s a conversation that we have with Nicodemus, there's the conversation that we have with the woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery. We have more

  • Welcome Jesus Into Your Boat

    Contributed on Oct 9, 2022

    There's a sense of peace that we are called to in our Christian lives. It's part of our calling that we see and God has given us this calling in regards to our peace.

    Over 100 people have signed up for Grace Groups. And those of you who are in those Grace Groups already know what we're going to talk about today because you've already prepared yourself. You've already studied what's going to take place in John 6. It's a story about a storm. more

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