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Steve Dunning

Contributor since: Feb 4, 2007
Denomination: Baptist

Steve's church

Ebenezer Community Church

Thompsonville Illinois , 62890

About Steve Dunning

Education: no formal ministry training -currently enrolled in on-line Biblical Directionism counseling program

Family: Brittni -daughter student of local college

Best advice given to me about preaching: All the textbooks in the world won’t replace prayerful inspiration

Books that have had an impact: Peace with God -Billy Graham Charismatic Controversy -John MacArthur Gracewalk -Steve McVey

Hobbies: guitar,hunting,fishing,Biblical history

Something funny that happened while preaching: During the first wedding I performed I kept calling the bride Shelly, when in fact her name was actually Sheila. Shelly was her sisters name and unknown to me also the name of the Groom’s childhood sweetheart.(and I thought the bride’s color was due to blushing, turns out she was steaming)

What I want on my tombstone: 1964-