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  • Tough Love In The Church

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 7, 2009
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    What does the Bible REALLY teach about church discipline?

    TOUGH LOVE IN THE CHURCH Matthew 18:15-17 1 Corinthians 5:1-11 1 Timothy 1:18-20 Titus 3:10-11 1. Illus. of teenager gone wild • Young man of about 18 went wild. • Would drink, do drugs, come home raging and tear up the place. • Would come to blows with mom and dad. • Finally, parents more

  • The Ministry Of The Resurrected Christ

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 7, 2009

    So what? So what if Jesus is alive today? This teaching looks at John’s vision of the resurrected Jesus and how it affects us today!

    THE MINISTRY OF THE RESURRECTED CHRIST REVELATION 1:9-20 1. Illus. of Sunday School class • Teacher asked four-year-olds, “what were the first words Jesus spoke after resurrection?” • One little girl raised hand and said, “tah-dah!” • In my private thoughts, I often think of the resurrection more

  • The Power Of Failure Series

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 7, 2009
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    Moses teaches us that apparent worldly failure can lead to tremendous spiritual victory!

    The Power of Failure Exodus 2: 11- 3:1 1. Illus. of La Guardia • Most of us have at least heard of La Guardia airport in New York City. What you may not know it that it is named after Fiorello La Guardia, who was Mayor of that city back in the 1930’s. • On one occasion, he had implemented a more

  • Intimacy With Christ And Daily Cleansing

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 7, 2009
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    One of the secrets to imtimacy with Christ is the daily confession and cleansing of sin.

    “Daily Cleansing” John 13:1-17 1. Illus. of being stinky • Had been out for a run, and smelled very bad. • Started to give Joan a kiss, but she just said, “Whoeee. Not until you get cleaned up!” • Sort of hurt my feelings until I smelled myself and thought about it. Why in world would she more

  • Why Christians Should Avoid Sexual Sin Series

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 7, 2009
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    Temptation is a powerful thing, but the consequences of giving in to sexual sin are even greater.

  • How To Enter The Kingdom Of God

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 7, 2009
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    Jesus taught us exactly what it takes to enter the kingdom: Childlike faith, empty hands, and the gospel of Jesus!

  • Life's Toughest Questions

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 6, 2009
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    The answers to life’s toughest questions can be found in one simple verse of scripture, "In the beginning God!"

    LIFE’S TOUGHEST QUESTIONS GENESIS 1:1 1. Illus. of my kid’s questions • “Why is grass green? Why is the sky blue? Why do ant bites hurt?” • As they got a little older, “Why is that lady so fat? What’s wrong with that man’s face?” 2. All of us are born with a questioning nature. As children, more

  • Principles Of Divine Judgment

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 6, 2009
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    To avoid Gods’s judgment, we must first understand God’s judgment.

    THE PRINCIPLES OF DIVINE JUDGEMENT GENESIS 4: 1-16 1. Illus. of Lowell and Walter • Lowell- 50’ish golden gloves boxing instructor. Walter- 32 year old former marine. • Kept on until Lowell boxed with him. Lowell beat him to a pulp. 2. We do God like that some times. God’s preference is to more

  • Satan's Strategy For Temptation

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 6, 2009

    How does Satan tempt? 1) He distorts the moral instruction of God. 2) He misrepresents the consequences of sin. 3) He appeals to our point of weakness.

    SATAN’S STRATEGY FOR TEMPTATION GENESIS 3: 1-6 1. Illus. of pastor on “weighdown” diet • Came to church office one day with dozen donuts. • When coworkers got onto him, he said it was all right. God wanted him to have donuts. • “Was detoured by old donut shop. Asked God to leave him a park more

  • The Nature Of Man

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 6, 2009

    What is the nature of man? 1) He is a marred being. 2) He is a dying being. 3) He is an eternal being.

    THE NATURE OF MAN GENESIS 1: 26-27, 2: 7 1. Illus. of teenager • Went into room and slammed door, saying under breath, “people, people, PEOPLE!” • Mom went to door and said, “what’s wrong?” Girl replied, “people, that’s what’s wrong!” • “Let me in, and we’ll talk about it.” “No, you’re a more

  • Godless Religion

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 6, 2009
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    What does religion look like when God is not at the center? 1) It is empowered by rebellion. 2) It is based on human works. 3) It invariably leads to judgment.

    THE CHARACTERISTICS OF GODLESS RELIGION GENESIS 10: 8-11, 11:1-9 1. Illus. of ecumenical church service • Religious leaders from a dozen different faiths held an Ash Wednesday service at United Nations Church Center Chapel in New York. • The front of the chapel included not only a cross, but more

  • The Salvation Boat

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 6, 2009
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    everything about the ark pictures some aspect of the redemptive work of Jesus.

    • Emmaus road disciples • Luke 24:27 • Jesus is the hero of the OT! THE SALVATION BOAT Genesis 6:11-7:24 (selected verses) 1. Illus. of Hadecol • My grandmother swore by Hadecol. • It was good for warts, tuberculosis, pneumonia, bad breath, tired blood etc. • She would give it to us, more

  • Who Killed Jesus? Series

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 6, 2009
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    We know who nailed Jesus to the cross.. but ultimately, who was to blame for His death?

    The Glory of the Cross Series “Who Killed Jesus?” 1. Illus. of Jon-Benet Ramsey • December 26th, 1996 parents reported her missing. • 8 hours later, her body was discovered in basement of Multi-million dollar Boulder Colorado mansion where she lived. • Many different clues, all pointing in more

  • Agony In The Garden Series

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 6, 2009
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    As Jesus looked toward the cross, He agonized over what was to happen. What made His look at the cross with such fear and dread?

    The Glory of the Cross Series Agony in the Garden Luke 22:39-44 1. Illus. of dads ring • Dad gave it to me after his stroke, when he realized his days were numbered. • His father gave it to him when he went to military. • Not very valuable... but I wouldn’t sell it for a million more

  • What Jesus Said About Evangelizing The World Series

    Contributed by Tim Huie on May 6, 2009
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    What did Jesus say about evangelizing the world? The answer might surprise you!

    WHAT JESUS SAID ABOUT EVANGELIZING THE WORLD MATTHEW 22:1-14 1. Illus. of my friend Charles • Had a little Chevette • Saw him on side of road, I thought he was broken down. • “Couldn’t remember where I was supposed to be going, thought I ought to sit here until it came to me.” 2. I know a more