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  • Three Things A Blind Man Saw

    Contributed on Mar 9, 2021

    The man born blind ... in John chapter nine

    THREE THINGS THAT A BLIND MAN SAW Introduction: Read John 9:1-7 1. These verses records one of the signs or miracles that John wrote in his book so that people would believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God (Jn. 20:30-31). 2. A man who had been born blind was given his sight. He began more

  • Joseph: His Temptations

    Contributed on Mar 9, 2021

    Joseph -- His Temptations

    Joseph – His Temptations Introduction: Genesis 37-50 This is the section of Genesis that deals with the life of Joseph – one of the greatest men in the entire Bible. Genesis chapters 37 – 50 is about Joseph. (1) About all that many know about him is that he had a coat of many colors (Genesis more

  • Security Of The Believer

    Contributed on Mar 9, 2021

    Saved, Sure, and Secure

    THE SECURITY OF THE SAINTS I. SAINTS ARE PARDONED. II. SAINTS ARE PROTECTED. III. SAINTS ARE PRESERVED. Body: I. SAINTS ARE PARDONED. (Ps. 37:39) A. Our salvation is “from the Lord” (v.39). B. It is not from perfect law keeping or from legalism. It is from the more

  • A Perfect Peace That Will Never Cease

    Contributed on Mar 8, 2021

    Peace with God

    A PERFECT PEACE THAT WILL NEVER CEASE Introduction: Isaiah 26:3 & 4 1. The prophet Isaiah has been rightly called The Messianic Prophet because he had so much to say about Jesus the Messiah. 2. He probably wrote more about the salvation that Jesus was to bring than any other Old more

  • Successful Sinners And Suffering Saints

    Contributed on Mar 5, 2021

    A study of Psalm 73

    SUCCESSFUL SINNERS AND SUFFERING SAINTS Introduction: Psalm 73 1. It is interesting to note that Psalm 73 and Psalm 37 both deal with basically the same theme. Both deal with envying evil doers. (It might help us to remember this by observing that when you turn the number 37 around more