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  • Decide To Grow In Faith

    Contributed on Feb 18, 2011

    Decisions have much to do with growth in Christ. Growth in Christ has much to do with decisions. Decide to grow in Christ by: 1) Being a good example; 2) Being Forgiving; and 3) Serving faithfully.

    Much emphasis is given to the need for one to make the decision to accept Christ as both Savior and Lord. Behind such a decision is the necessity of faith – a loving belief and trust in the Lord. This belief and trust, this faith, includes confessing Christ as Lord and repenting of one's more

  • Decisions Have Lasting Results

    Contributed on Feb 7, 2011
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    While there are many decisions that occupy our mind, many of these are decisions with temporary results. There are other decisions that are too often given lesser attention that have permanent, eternal results.

    Those who play chess know that decisions made early in the game may very well have an irreversible effect on the outcome of the game. Decisions have lasting results. Too often those who make a decision to sample some drugs at the urging of another over time become addicted to drugs. Decisions have more

  • Priority Of Stewardship

    Contributed on Feb 4, 2011
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    Followers of Christ have the priority of being good stewards of life for Him.

    Each week of this month we have been challenged through God’s word and by His Holy Spirit to look at ourselves in an honestly critical way. We have been performing various Priority Checks. Each week we have examined priorities in our life from a different vantage point. However, each week we more

  • Priority Of Concern

    Contributed on Feb 4, 2011

    People can have many priorities. Jesus expects His followers to have priorities based on His value system, not the value system of the world.

    There are many things in life about which we can be concerned. We can be concerned about the weather – when will it be warmer? We can be concerned about the economy – especially if we are being directly affected by the recession. One’s health is also a matter of concern to many people. This more

  • Priority Of Discipleship

    Contributed on Feb 4, 2011

    Following Christ is not always easy, however it must always be the highest priority.

    There are those who want to avoid all that is difficult. Some look for the easiest way. Some seek that which will bring less challenge or less hardship. The US Marine Corps takes pride in having a far different attitude. On the US Marine Corps website are these words under eligibility, “Our more