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[God Is Just One Squeal Away, Citation: Rod Cooper, "Worship or Worry?" Preaching Today, Tape No. 108.]

We raised pigs.

We raised about a thousand pigs a year.

In one field we had two or three hundred little oinkers running around.

Every day, at four in the morning, as I’d walk into the field to feed those guys, they’d scatter.

Once a little pig came up and began to chew on my foot, so I picked him up and began to pet him.

Soon he wanted down.

I said, "No, I’ll let you down when I’m ready."

At that moment, he let out a squeal such as I had never heard.

In about two seconds, thirty mama pigs weighing five to six hundred pounds each were headed my way.

I put him down and headed for the fence.

I barely made it over, and all the mama pigs were snorting and walking back and forth, daring me to come back over and bother one of their kids.

I look back at that and realize the little rascal wasn’t intimidated.

He was out of control, but he wasn’t intimidated.

Why? Because one squeal away he had resources.

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