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Text Illustrations
Three monkeys sat on a coconut tree,

Discussing things as they are said to be,

Said one monkey to the other :

"Now listen you two, there’s a certain rumor which can’t be true,

that man has descended from our noble race;

why, the very idea is an utter disgrace,

No monkey has ever deserted his wife,

starved her baby and ruined her life,

and you have never known a mother monk,

who will leave her babies with others to bunk,

and passing them off from one to the other;

till those poor babies hardly know which one was their mother,

and another thing a monk won’t do,

is to go out at night and get on a stew,

and use a club, a gun, or a knife,

to take some other monkey’s life,

......yes, man descended the noble cuss,

but hey brother monkey,


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