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Once there was this man who was the "picture perfect Christian".

Tithes, attendance, participation in activities you name it, he

was it!

One day as he was praying, he asked the Lord, "Lord I wonder if I

have been an obedient enough child that I might ask one favor when

I die?"

Well the Lord thought about it and said, "You know I am pretty

proud of you, I think we can do that!"

So the guy lives a long and fruitful life and then finally dies.

As he approaches the Pearly Gates Saint Peter says, "Hello, we are

glad to see you but the bag you are carrying will have to stay


The man replies to Saint Peter, "Thanks, brother, but I have an

agreement with the Lord".

Peter calls up the throne room, comes back and says, "OK, but I’ll

have to look inside".

When he does he sees a bag full of the finest gold you can get on


Saint Peter then replies, "OK you can go through but I don’t know

what you’re gonna do with bag full of pavement!"

Isn’t that the truth? Are we not all looking for the gold? But will our gold turn out to be pavement?

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