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Over the years we have had many gut wrenching stores of families killed in an accident only to leave a mother or father behind. To wake up in a hospital bed hurting physically then realize that your entire family is gone would be unfathomable. Now none of us are immune to have this happening to us. So how can we live a life of joy instead of being paralyzed with fear?

We saw in the book of Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God..."

In the beginning of everything that happens to us, "God". Satan is bound by God and before he can tempt us in any way he needs to get permission from God first. Satan's motives are to seek and destroy. God's motives are to allow things to happen that will increase our faith. Faith is not increased by spending years on the beach drinking Corona's with a lime. Faith is built when you have no money left in your checking account, when you are by your child's bedside in a hospital, when you have been given a pink slip or threatened by one. Faith is built when we have no where else to go but Jesus. So for our own good God allows us to be put in those positions so we can understand His love for us.

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