• Kraig Pullam

    Contributing sermons since Oct 27, 2006
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Mt. Salem Baptist Church
Fort Worth, Texas 76106

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  • Can I Get A Refill?

    Contributed on Dec 30, 2015
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    Christ's first recorded miracle, the turning of ordinary water into extraordinary wine, becomes a picture of Christ bringing joy in the midst of sorrow.

    One of my favorite movies of which I will boldly, blatantly and unashamedly admit is the sequel “Bad Boys II.” It is a funny/amusing/somewhat comical/quite insightful movie whether you like or not with Martin Lawrence (of which I am a die hard fan/admirer/aficionado) and Will Smith and more

  • He Can If He Will

    Contributed on Dec 30, 2015
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    A man with a withered hand makes an appeal to the soveriegnty of God, aware that Christ's ability is not handcuffed by His impotence, but subordinate to His will alone.

    The last story in the gospel of Mark, prior to this story, we discover that there was hell and havoc in the house of Peter. Jesus has come into the house of Peter and He has healed the mother-in-law of Peter and she got up and served the people. And persons began to bring persons who were sick and more

  • The Difference The Gospel Makes

    Contributed on Feb 19, 2014
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    Jesus, in one of is illustrative messages, reveals to His disciples the uniqueness of the gospel

    What would you do if you had a blind man behind the wheel of your car and he kept wrecking your car? Here he goes into the ditch. There he goes into the other lane. And again he collides with inanimate objects. And yet again, he goes through the stop sign. What would you do? Would you say, more

  • God's Word On The Word

    Contributed on Feb 19, 2014
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    Jesus explains the law

    A man in Kansas City was severely injured in an explosion. Evangelist Robert L. Sumner tells about him in his book The Wonders of the Word of God. The victim's face was badly disfigured, and he lost his eyesight as well as both hands. He was just a new Christian, and one of his greatest more

  • Holy Heart Check

    Contributed on Feb 19, 2014
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    Purity of heart results in a life of a clear vision of God in His fulness

    I want to start off today by asking you a question that Max Lucado queries in the opening section of his book, ‘Just Like Jesus’. He asks: What if, for one day, Jesus were to become you? What if, for twenty-four hours, Jesus wakes up in your bed, walks in your shoes, lives in your more

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  • There Is An Old Legend Of A Benevolent King Who ...

    Contributed on Oct 25, 2006

    There is an old legend of a benevolent king who had his men place a great heavy stone on a certain roadway over which all his subjects would be forced to travel. He then hid himself to see who would try to remove the stone only to discover that no one stopped to try to remove the stone, but all more

  • The Story Deals With A Rather Old Fashioned Lady, ...

    Contributed on Oct 22, 2006
    based on 4 ratings

    The story deals with a rather old fashioned lady, who was planning a couple of weeks vacation in Florida. She also was quite delicate and elegant with her language. She wrote a letter to a particular campground and asked for reservations. She wanted to make sure the campground was fully equipped more

  • The Church Is A Body, Not Just A Building And A ...

    Contributed on Oct 22, 2006

    - The church is a body, not just a building and a budget. - The church is not an more

  • Indeed, It Is True, That Being A Christian ...

    Contributed on Oct 22, 2006
    based on 1 rating

    Indeed, it is true, that being a Christian believer without being faithful to the church of the Lord Jesus Christ is like: - A student who will not go to school - A soldier who will not join the army - A salesman without customers - An author without more