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When I Grow Up I Want To Be Like You

As children we all have our heroes

The people we want to be like

The Mickey Mantle’s and the Michael Jordan’s

The person I wanted to be like taught me how to catch a baseball

He taught me how to shoot a free throw

But he also taught me how to do something else

He taught me how to be a father and a husband

He showed me a father’s love has no boundaries

A father’s love is mimicked after the Father’s Love

He showed me a husband’s love is everything

He showed me a husband’s love is endless

Daddy Daddy, Why do birds fly?

Daddy Daddy, Can I go with you today?

Daddy, How can I go to heaven?

Daddy, Will you teach me to drive?

Dad, Do you like this college?

Dad, This is the girl I want to marry?

Dad, Why did this happen to me?

Dad, Do you like her name?

Dad, Do you like this house?

Who knows the next question?

But I know you have the answer.

Thank you Dad for being my Mickey Mantle

When I grow up I want to be like you!

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