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One day, while my family was shopping at Lowes Home Improvement store, I was showing my little girl, Lauren, some of the large area rugs rolled up on the floor. I told her that we needed one that could fit perfectly in our living room. As we looked at different styles and colors, I came upon one that seemed to be perfect for our home. This particular rug was still rolled up on the floor and I began to "step" it off to determine its length. I used the heel to toe method and Lauren watched carefully as I made each step. I determined that it was 12 feet long. Lauren asked if she too could "step it off" and verify its length. She began to walk heel to toe and finished with a puzzled look on her face. She looked up at me and said, "Daddy, this rug isn’t 12 feet. I measured it and it’s exactly 20 feet long". I told her that I would "step it off" again and sure enough... I came up with 12 feet. Lauren couldn’t believe it! So, without delay, she makes one more attempt to "step if off" and ends up with a 20 foot measurement. All of a sudden, she said with a smile of relief, "Oh, I understand. It took me a whole lot more steps when I used my feet instead of yours!"

Sometimes we take our own steps to determine our own path. Instead, the Father expects us to use his feet, his steps and his path to journey in this life of faith. Next time you think you are "out of step", consider trusting the Lord to "step off" your course and let him

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