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While at McDonalds this past week I saw a grandmother almost in tears of frustration as she tried to strap her toddler granddaughter into a car seat. They couldn’t leave to go to their next destination until the little girl was safe and secure in the car seat. The little child kicked and screamed to the top of her lungs because that wasn’t her idea of having a safe journey. This little girl wanted to ride down the road and jump around that truck and endanger herself, her grandmother and anyone else they may have met on the road. It took the grandmother, a preacher and another stranger to distract this little girl enough that grandma was able to wrestle her into the car seat!

When we see God’s way of deliverance and if it doesn’t meet our expectations, we commence to kick and scream. Very often during an altar call, I see what is behind the eyes of those sitting in the pews. I see the hurt and pain. I see those struggling in fear and turmoil and I know that the way of deliverance is through Jesus. Yet they don’t come.

They resist out of fear and frustration that they have to get out of their boat, even though it is sinking, and come to Jesus. I have met many a folk that leave services early or even quit coming to church when they know there will be an invitation to a commitment to the Master. They continue to live their stagnant lives kicking and screaming like the little toddler girl resisting the only way to a safe and comfortable pathway to peace and safety. How sad!

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