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In the movie, Chicken Run, dozens of chickens are held captive in the prisoner-of-war-like camp at Tweedy Farms. Ginger is the chicken mastermind who keeps devising new plans to help her fellow chickens escape. Ginger knows that when a chicken’s egg production is down they will face the chopping block. Ginger dreams of a place where the grass is green and the chickens can be free.

In a chicken coop organizational meeting Ginger shares her new escape plan with the chickens. They have tried going under the fence, now they will find a way to fly over the fence. Ginger encourages the chickens to imagine a place on the other side of the fence where the grass is green, a place where there is no farmer, no egg counts, and no chopping block.

Some of the chickens have a hard time seeing the place Ginger imagines. One chicken says, “Perhaps we should just try not escaping.”

Ginger responds “What kind of life do we have just laying eggs until we get wacked and stuffed. . . Don’t you see, the fences aren’t just in the yard; they’re in your mind.”

The chicken gruffly answers back, “The chances of us getting out of here are a million to one.”

“There’s still a chance then,” Ginger replies.

This morning I want us to be set free to dream a dream that is bigger than we are; let’s be set free from the fences in our mind to have a Spirit-inspired imagination greater than Ginger’s dream for the chickens to fly to freedom. I want us to “Dream a God-Sized Dream.” With a Holy Spirit-inspired imagination we can dream a dream bigger than we are.

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