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Note: I do not show this clip to discredit those individuals who are genuine and are sent by God to go around the world and hold revival meetings.

Illustration: From the Movie clip from “Leap of Faith”

Clip: The one were they put their show of deception on for the first time. He tells them stories of lies to deceive the people in giving him more money. His whole plan is to get the people hyped so as to buy into his lies literally. The whole scene shows that a false prophet can put on a show saying the right things but in essence delivering a message of lies and degrading the Gospel of truth.

The movie is about a preacher named Nightingale who is a con man out to take a small town for everything they got as he puts on a show of deception. He is not a man of God but claims he is as he preaches with flair. He fakes miracles’, words of knowledge and other signs from God. He uses and misuses the people of this small town trying to drain them dry of their money. But an amazing thing happens God actually shows up and does a miracle for a young boy. This rocks the fake prophet and he gives up his life of deception and as he is leaving the world of deception God does another miracle by sending the needed rain this farm community needs to prevent total financial devastation. He genuinely thanks Jesus for the rain.

You see this false prophet decided to give up his life of deception and conning because when deception decides to yield to truth it changes people’s lives and real miracles happen. But if this person would have decided to believe the lies it would have cost him his life for eternity.

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