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While I was in Bible College I worked part time on the side for a construction company as a laborer. One day I was given the job of moving the 2 x12 planks the brick layers use on their scaffolding from one job site to another across town. This was supposed to be a two or three trip job as the planks were long and heavy being coated with globs of mortar. I wanted to finish this task as quickly as possible to get on to something easier, so I decided to load the truck up and do it all in one trip. Everything was fine until I got out on the highway and started to pick up speed. Suddenly I felt an odd sway in the steering and I began to lose control of the truck, the weight was causing the front wheels to lose contact with the ground and my life flashed before my eyes. Fortunately when I hit the brake the reduction in speed allowed me to get safely off the road but I had to leave half the load on the side of the highway or risk death. When you carry unforgiveness it will affect you the same way the truck was affected by the overload. You have to let it go or risk serious injury or even death.

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