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The Mineola Messenger printed an article entitled "Children and Their Changing Attitude Towards Their Parents." Let me read it to you:

Age 4: "My parents can do anything"

Age 8: "There might be one or two things they don’t know."

Age 12: "Naturally, my parents don’t understand."

Age 14: "I never realized how hopelessly old fashioned they are."

Age 21: "You would expect them to feel that way; they are out of date."

Age 25: "They come up with a good idea now and then."

Age 30: "I wonder what Mom and Dad think I should do?"

Age 40: "Let’s be patient until we discuss it with our parents."

Age 50: "What would Mom and Dad have thought about it?"

Age 60: "I wish I could talk it over with them one more time."

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