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Ever since the 1920s, Yoo-hoo has been making a permanent mark in the history of soft drinks. The story starts in the beginning of the 20th century, when the Olivieri family of New Jersey ran a small business producing Tru-Fruit flavors by squeezing fresh fruit. Mr. Natale Olivieri believed that a chocolate flavor, which could be marketed without fear of spoilage, would be a very successful addition to his Tru-Fruit business.

In keeping with his policy of natural ingredients, Mr. Olivieri did not want to introduce a chocolate drink unless he could eliminate spoilage problems without the addition of any chemicals or preservatives.

One day Mr. Olivieri was assisting his wife in the kitchen while she was preparing to preserve her homemade tomato sauce. The idea struck him that heat might be a method of preserving chocolate as well. That day he prepared six bottles of chocolate drink and had his wife put them through the same process that she used on her tomato sauce. After a period of time, three out of the six spoiled. After further experimentation, Mr. Olivieri realized that while time and temperature were the two main factors in this new process, agitation was also necessary in order to achieve uniform heating of his product. This led him to the purchase of a rotating pressure retort with which he processed his first commercial batch of chocolate drink. (From YooHoo website)

Pressure, Heat and Agitation over a period of time make the drink you hold in your hand. You don't just take chocolate and water and mix it together and there you go...it's not that easy.

Life is not easy either...You just don't breathe life into a human body and say "You're good to go." Life is not easy and Jesus never promised that it would be.

There are pressures.

There are times when we feel the heat.

There are times when we are really agitated.

The Bible says in Psalm 142:3
When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who know my way.

YOU have a great Savior! He knows all about you. He knows every weakness, every hurt, every sin, every pain, every stress, every burden, every care. And He is the perfect solution to your every need.

Jesus gives the greatest invitation there is when he says, COME...Come to Me....

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