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"The human heart: The human heart is a hard-working marvel. It can keep on beating automatically even if all other nerves were severed. In a 70-year lifetime, it will beat an average of 75 times a minute, forty million times a year-or two and a half billion times. At each beat the average adult heart discharges about 4 ounces of blood. This amounts to three thousand gallons a day or 650,000 gallons a year--enough to fill more than 81 tank cars of 8,000 gallons each. The heart does enough work in one hour to lift a 150-lb man to the top of a three-story building. It exerts enough energy in twelve hours to lift a 65-ton tank car one foot off the ground, or enough power in seventy years to lift the largest battleship afloat completely out of the water."

(Ref: Worldproject.org. Creation vs. Evolution: Amazing Facts of Nature. http://www.wordproject.org/direct/facts_of_nature.htm. Accessed September 30, 2011.)

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