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Ferris Beaulers Day Off. His best friend is Cameron Frye. Cameron hates his father because his father places everything before him. Ferris and Cameron and Ferris’s girlfriend ride around Chicago in Cameron’s dad’s favorite car all day playing hooky from school. In one of the final scenes Cameron is concerned about the miles they have put on his dad’s favorite car. This car is basically his dad’s idol. Ferris comes up with the idea of placing the car on jacks and running it in reverse to take off the miles. It doesn’t work. Cameron notices that it doesn’t work and so he goes on a tirade on how his dad is going to beat him and how he loves this car more than him. He gets so emotional that he begins to break and smash the car. In his outburst he doesn’t notice that the car is starting to come off of the jack. The car finally comes off of the jack and breaks through a glass window in the back of the garage and falls into a ravine. The car is completely ruined. At first Cameron is scared of his dad’s reaction, but as Ferris and his girlfriend are leaving, he sees this as a good thing. He is going to tell his dad how he feels. It is a relief to him. May all of us break down our idols so that we can worship the Lord with our all.

May we be like Gideon who broke down his father’s altar to Baal and then went on to do the Lord’s will.

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