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Jim always thought he was a pretty good guy. Oh ... he made some mistakes once in a while ... but overall he thought he was OK. He knew that he wasn’t a BAD person.

Oh, he fudged on his income tax a little bit .. not really cheated he said .. just fudged a little bit. He would stay out on Friday nights and party once in while ... not really much ... just a little bit.

And in his work as a used car salesman ... he said he didn’t lie ... he would just stretch the truth a little bit about the cars he sold.

And then ... one day in a Bible study Jim had a spiritual awakening. He read the passage that told him that "all had sinned & fallen short of the glory of God. No one was completely pure ... except for Jesus." WOW!!! That really hit Jim hard. Really hard.

He was looking in the spiritual mirror and decided that he wasn’t as good as he thought himself to be. So he began to read the Word of God more ... and God’s Word burned a hole within his heart & soul. And the more it burned ... the better he began to feel.

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