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In October 1991, George Hennard Jr. drove his pickup truck through a cafeteria window in Killeen, Texas, and then started RANDOMLY shooting people while they were having LUNCH. Before putting the gun to himself, he killed 24 people and wounded 22 more. On an Oprah Winfrey episode a few months later, one of the SURVIVORS recalled the nightmare she went through. "A friend and I crawled under the table when we heard shots and screams," she said. "We could see him walking slowly about, firing his gun at will. Coming closer to us, my friend and I CLUTCHED each other in FEAR. After moving our table he fired a bullet into my friend’s head, looked at me, and walked away." She concluded, "I guess it was God’s WILL that my FRIEND die and I live." Her FRIEND was MURDERED. It is not God’s WILL that anyone commits MURDER. His WILL is: "DO NOT MURDER"- Romans 13:9.

If your house is broken into and everything you own is STOLEN, don’t say: "It must be the WILL of God." God’s WILL is: "DO NOT STEAL"- Romans 13:9.

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