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I remember one of comedian Bill Cosby’s comedy routines in which he tries to explain just a few of the differences in how a mother and father would react to a child. In this specific incident, the child picks up a piece of dirty driftwood out of the gutter and brings it to mother saying, “Look Ma, I picked this up just for you.” Well, Mom will Ooh and Ah over that piece of driftwood like it was made of gold because she is a nurturer and doesn’t want to hurt the child’s feelings. But, you let that same child bring that same piece of driftwood to Dad and say the same thing and Dad will tell him to get that nasty thing out of the house and throw it outside. Dad cares about the child and loves the child deeply but Dad isn’t a nurturer, he is a hunter and he is very logical. It just wasn’t logical to have a dirty piece of driftwood in the house and the child may as well grow up and face the fact that the world won’t always treat him with tender loving care.

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