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Jaden our son woke up one morning at 3 am. Screaming. It wasn't a scream of "my diaper is wet" or "I am hungry." It was a scream of despair and panic. That night he slept with us.

The next night as I was getting ready to lay him down in the crib, he latched on to me and I couldn't get him off. I finally gave up and brought him to bed again. After about an hour I was able to put him in his crib.

The 3rd night started the same. Instead of fighting, we brought our 2 year to the living and prayed that God would give him peace of mind, comfort, God would touch Him, and that God had given us Jaden...Jaden is His child. Five minutes later, Jaden was asleep. God had given Jaden, a peace...only true peace comes from God.

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