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My friend, I stand in judgment now.

And I fill that you are to blame somehow.

On earth I walked with you day by day.

But never did you point the way.

You knew the LORD,

In His truth and His glory.

But never did you share the story! ?

My knowledge then was very dim.

You could have lead Him safely to Him.

You taught me many things,

This is true.

I called you friend,

And I trusted you.

But I have learned,

And now it is too late

You could have kept me from this fate,

We walked by day,

And talked by night,

And yet you showed me not the light.

You let me live and love,


You knew I would never live on high.

Yes, I called you friend in life,

I trusted you through JOY and strife.

And yet on coming to this end,...

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