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I came home one weekend from college and found my father cooking. The reunion was nice and so was the food. However, as hard as we tried, we could not find the right tupperware lid to the container my father had placed the left-overs. First of all, you need to know my mother. This lady is in love with tupperware. I think it would have been wise to invest in tupperware. We have drawers and cabinets full of tupperware. Well, my father and I searched and searched, but never found the correct lid. Finally, we gave up and placed a lid that was too big and threw it all in the refrigerator. Then, my mother comes home and easily finds the containers lid in approximately 30 seconds. My father and I laugh over the whole event and sit in amazement how my mom could find the lid so quickly when it took the two of us quite a bit of time and yet no avail.

I believe that sometimes our worship is like tupperware. We come into church or our private time with the Lord and we just kinda throw everything together and whether we truly worship or not we get finished and throw the lid on and we leave and say we’ve worshipped. Whether we truly worshippped in Spirit and in truth doesn’t matter, what matters to us is that we did it and got it over with. Don’t you think God deserves more than that.

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