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Last time I took my driver’s test, I had to take an eye exam. I tried it

first without glasses. The lady asked me to read the bottom line. It told her I

didn’t see a bottom, middle or top line. I told her all I saw was a white page.

She told me to put on my glasses. I did-- and magically 3 lines appeared. If I

had said earlier that those lines weren’t there, I would have been wrong.

Some people act as though if the numbers don’t all add up then they

won’t believe it. They say they won’t believe something by faith. But, we

have to believe in some things by faith. I don’t understand how oxygen goes

into the body and feeds into the lungs and provides life to the cells in my

body, but I believe it. I don’t know how a airplane weighing several tons

takes off off the ground and flys, but it does. I put my faith in it and get on

the plane and take off. We accept many others things by faith also.

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