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I once talked to a man about becoming a Christian who tried to convince me that he “wasn’t really a bad person." He didn’t think he had really sinned all that much.

Sensing that he was trying to avoid accepting his sinfulness I gave him this illustration:

I told him to imagine I had invited him over to my house and offered him a cold Pepsi. I asked him "would you drink it?" "Of course," he replied.

Then I asked to imagine I had poured that sparkling Pepsi into a filthy glass. Would he drink it then? Even if it had only a ring of old milk at the bottom of it?

Of course not. Then I explained that when we sin - even just a little - and presume that God will accept us without our accepting His cleansing of "glass" (or soul) we were, in essence, asking God to accept any good deeds we might do in a glass

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