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Dr. Albert Palmer was the minister of Central Union Church of Honolulu, Hawaii. While serving there he oversaw a massive building project for their church. Just before it’s completion, the architect asked Palmer to provide him with an inscription to be placed high in the chancel above the pulpit and communion table.

"I want you to give me a text of no more than sixteen letter or spaces to fit in that particular space," he said.

Palmer pondered over what text to use which would have just the right number of letters and yet would be appropriate for all occasions. It would have to be appropriate at weddings and funerals, for worship services and baptisms, for every season of the year. Additionally, since Hawaii is a place where many races meet, the text had to speak to people of all backgrounds; Hawaiian, Korean, Portuguese, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese and American.

So with all those varying needs in mind, Palmer chose these sixteen letter and spaces; Love Never Fails.

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