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Sneaky Snake was the meanest animal in the forest. He loved to sneak up on the other animals and bite them with his sharp fangs. He had bitten everybody that had ever tried to be his friend; so, he did not have a single friend in the whole world, not even one.

One day, he was feeling very lonely. No one would even let him get close enough to say good morning. As he slithered around a small tree, he spotted the back end of a snake on the other side. "Greetings-s-s. Is-s-sn’t it a nic-c-ce day?" he hissed in his kindest, friendliest voice.

He really did try to be friendly. He thought how nice it would be to have at least one friend, but as he watched the back end of that snake lying there, so still, so exposed, so vulnerable, he just couldn’t help himself.

He bared his fangs, and his head shot forward in a lightening strike. His sharp fangs hit their target and sank deep into snaky flesh. At that very same instant, he felt a

horrible pain in his own tail - just like someone had bitten it.

"Yowch!" he shrieked.

At first he was mad, but then he realized what had happened. He had sneaked up on himself and bitten his own tail! He quickly looked around hoping that no one had seen what he had done, but just as he started to slither down a hole he heard a hoot from the trees and Oswald Owl say,

Beware the harm you think to do

For doing wrong is sin.

The pain you cause may come back home

And hurt you in the end.

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