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One of the classic episodes of the Dick Van Dyke Show concerns a problem that Ritchie is having with a girl named Priscilla. For a period of time he comes home every afternoon after school battered and bruised by this girl.

Rob and Laura are at a loss to know what to do and so Laura goes and visits Priscilla’s parents and discovers an aggressive mother and passive father. Well Laura and the mother have words and Laura storms out of the house.

In light of no resolution with Priscilla’s parents, Rob and Laura hesitantly make the decision to tell Ritchie it is okay to defend him self against Priscilla. The next day Rob comes home early from work to see what happened. Ritchie has not come home yet and both Rob and Laura anxiously wait his arrival.

Well Ritchie comes in and is ready to play. Rob and Laura stop him and ask how the day went and if it Priscilla hit him. Ritchie said that she did and they ask if he hit her back. No says Ritchie she’s a ...

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