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There are exceptions, but almost every team goes through some lean years where they, in a word, stink. They don’t have the talent and, more importantly, no leadership. Kind of like the 1971 NBA Championship series when Willis Reed, the NY Knick center, had a knee injury. The rest of the team floundered and was on the verge of losing to Wilt Chamberlain and the L.A. Lakers (which is what I was hoping for).

Then, in a dramatic comeback, Reed comes out to play. The Knicks are energized and go on to win the Championship. Now Jesus didn’t have a knee injury. HE’S DEAD! When you’re dead, you don’t just suck it up and play hurt! You don’t put a brace on and deal with the pain. Jesus was dead. There are no comebacks, no 9th inning or 4th quarter heroics when you’re dead. The disciples have no hope that their leader can come back and lead them to victory.

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