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On July 27th In Indiana a policeman, Lieut Aaron Allen was shot by a man he was trying to help. He was killed and he had a five year old son. Not long after police including the police chief drove cars 1- 2 hours down highway 31 in Indiana and arrived in a town with their sirens going.

They travelled down one street lights flashing sirens going and stopped outside – no not a stakeout – but a lemonade stand run by a five year old boy called Malachi.

Malachi had heard of the terrible event and the fact that the officer had a five year old boy and decided to start up a lemonade stand on the side of the street to raise funds. This five year old boy raised more than 1000 dollars and the police were so touched they all travelled to Malachis town to say thank you and to just give him a big hug.

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