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I’d like to finish by reading this little excerpt I picked from TD Jakes’ book called “God’s Leading Ladies” and it goes as below:-

To become a leading lady, you must raise the curtain and step forward. You must extend yourself beyond the self-imposed limits, external pressures, and patriarchal authoritarian control. You must strip away all traces of self-doubt and fear. Don’t let yourself get weighted down by crushing despair over the way things are and defenceless resignation to kitchen confinement. It is your time to soar! You must begin by separating fact from fiction and realise that our Lord created you in His image as a female for a distinct and sacred purpose. God calls and uses women and men with equal pleasure and glorification to Himself.

So sing, barren women, as Isaiah declared. Prophesy, you daughters, as Joel said you would. Like Deborah, the woman who sat on the Board of Judges for...

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