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I remember reading about an Obituary that is meant to make you stop and think:

· He brushed his teeth twice a day

· The doctors examined him twice a year

· He ate low-carb, low-fat every day

· He gave up his tonsils, his adenoids, his gall bladder … and traded in a few worn-out glands

· He golfed …but never more than 18 holes (moderation in all things)

· He got 8 hours of sleep every night

· He slept with the windows open to get plenty of fresh air

· He carried an umbrella in case of rain

· He didn’t smoke, drink, or chew .. or run around with those who do

· He drove the speed limit

· He jogged and did weight training 5 days a week

· He was set to live to be a hundred years old.

He is survived by

· 18 specialists,

· 3 surgeons

· 4 health institutes,

· 6 gyms

· and numerous manufacturers of health foods and vitamins

So many people are like that man. They think about their health, they enjoy the pleasures of life, but they forget that they are not going to live forever. No matter how well we take care of ourselves, someday every one of us will die. THEN WHAT?

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